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Ice Melt Systems for Gutters

Leaves, pine needles, shingle grit, seed pods, insect nests and even animals can destroy your gutters. But, these gutter clogs are comfortable to fix and usually quite noticeable. But, damage from ice and ice dams can be severe and hard to identify before it's too late. If you live throughout the New Hampshire region you likely already know about the harsh winters. This state welcomes winter every year, and each year we see ice dams cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. 

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    How Do Ice Dams Occur?​

    Ice Dams occur when part of your room is warm and causes all or part of the snow to melt. When the snow melts and the water runs into the gutter, it refreezes because the rim of the house is colder than the roof where the heat collected. This rim of ice can cause a lot of damage to your home, and gutter system.

    Unfortunately, this is a very popular event because hot air escapes into the attic and heats the roof at its highest point. Many people try to block up attic openings, and other vents that might allow hot air to invade the attic. But the fact of the matter is that ice dams are still a possibility and quite likely. 

    If not properly taken care of, ice dams can lead to roof damage, gutter damage, and the possibility of mold as moisture sits underneath your shingles.

    Heated Gutter Systems Installation 

    The top solution to ice dams and ice buildup in your gutters is to opt for a heated gutter system. A heating cable or heated gutter helmet might be the best option for your home. A heating cable installs into the gutter and onto the edge of your roof. By design, these cables can work to prevent ice buildup on or in your gutter system.

    The heat cables heat up ice or snow and allow water to continue to flow even in freezing temperatures. They work to reduce ice formation to keep your gutters functional.

    A heated gutter helmet sits on top of your gutters much like a gutter guard and prevents debris from getting into your gutters. But, in the winter these helmets heat up and melt the snow that sits on top of the helmet. The snow melts at manageable speeds and reducing ice buildup. ​

    Get Heated Gutter Systems for your Home

    If you need a heated gutter system, you might want to schedule your appointment with a gutter contractor before the first big snowfall of the year. Gutter Pros NH knows that preventing gutter and home damage starts by resolving the underlying problems.

    We’ll check your attic for proper insulation levels, and ventilation as well. Then we’ll install the heated gutter system of your choice. Our gutter contractors can provide insight into what your best options might be.

    After your heated gutter systems are installed and hard at work, you can pack away your snow rake and shovel. You won’t be needing to rush out into the early morning hours to pull snow build up off your room any longer. ​